Quick Fix: Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV not Working

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Are you having an issue where for some reason your Samsung TV is just not allowing you to airplay to it from iPhone or iPad?

Well, it's your lucky day as I'm about to show you a quick fix for screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung not working.

We'll get to that in a minute.

Let's first see what does it mean when screen mirroring from iPhone to Samsung TV is not working?

Let me explain,

So you have an iPad, iPhone, a Mac book and you're not able to airplay straight from it to your TV. Service that enables screen mirroring is actually called Airplay and is used on all Apple devices.

Recently, major TV manufacturers like Samsung and LG have developed native support for Apple Airplay functionality. But as you probably noticed, sometimes it simply does not work, so we need to apply some "magic" to make it work.

Let's see what's going on inside.

In this guide you'll learn:

What Does AirPlay Mean on iPhone?

According to Apple, Airplay is a screen mirroring feature built-in to all their devices. It's a service that enables you to share and stream your media such as videos, photos, music and other content from your iPhone (and other Apple devices) to bigger screens, TVs or external speakers.

How to Setup Airplay to Screen Mirror from iPhone to Samsung TV?

Here is a short video explaining all the steps needed to setup Apple Airplay:

How to Fix the Not Working Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV?

The first thing I'd recommend doing is to actually make sure that your specific Samsung TV and Apple device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

iphone to samsung screen mirroring not working

It can happen that TV or iPhone automatically connected to another WiFi hotspot which you configured earlier and forgot about it.

Do not skip to check this, because if TV and iPhone are on two different WiFi networks, screen mirroring cannot work!

The next thing I'd recommend doing is to actually make sure that your Samsung TV is connected properly to a Wi-Fi, and / or the Bluetooth connection settings are properly enabled.

Let's start first with your Samsung TV. Go to settings  and click on general, click on network and make sure your specific network connection settings are properly set up.

If you have incorrect system setting or network connection then it may not work properly. So that's pretty much the first thing to do and usually this is the solution.

if it's not, then we can move on to the next step.

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Another thing that you can possibly do is to actually re-enable your airplay settings within your TV settings. So go to general settings again, then go and click on the apple airplay settings which is towards the bottom, and then click on the airplay setting.

We want to switch it from on to off and then back on. This procedure may actually end up fixing it for you. This is actually something that I had to do when i was streaming stuff to my TV, I had to disable it and then re-enable it and that did end up fixing the screen mirroring problem. 

Another thing I'd recommend doing on top of that is to check if there's a software update for your iPhone or iPad or mac whatever you're trying to airplay straight to that TV.

You may be on a version of software that's known to have issues related to screen mirroring and airplay. What you can do here is you can go to the update panel and  update your specific version of the ios software, mac os software that you're on.

You should also try updating the TV software by going back into your general settings, go and click on support, find the software update panel and find the update now option.

If there is an update available, don't hesitate and start the TV software update. That may end up fixing the not working screen mirroring.

if that still doesn't fix it, I'd recommend restarting your TV, restarting your iPhone device.