Jeep Renegade Secret Compartment [Revealed!]

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Discover the hidden gems in your Jeep Renegade.

Our guide uncovers the secret compartments and how you can utilize these spaces to enhance your driving experience.

Everyone is talking there are supposedly some hidden compartments in each year  Renegade model.

Like most of you, I was curious if Jeep Renegade secret compartment is an urban legend, or not.

So I tried to locate them on both US and European models.

Here is what I found.

But before I share it with you,

I have to say that none of this is not mentioned in the official 2021 or 2018 Jeep Renegade Owner's Manual (make sure to download it if you do not have one).

So let's dive right in.

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How to Find the Jeep Renegade Secret Compartment? 

If you inspect what's under the Jeep floor mats, you'll notice a small compartment located just under the front passenger side mat.

picture of jeep renegade secret compartment

On the passenger side, under the floor mat, there is a 5"x 3" door that pops open. Although the panel is quite small, the cavity underneath is somewhat larger than the opening: cca 4.25" square and 1" deep.

Jeep secret compartment slides open and is about the size of a pack of cigars.

After detailed checkup, I found it has the VIN imprinted underneath it - so it's obviously not a stash compartment, rather it's just another place holding VIN on the vehicle subframe.

NOTE: Think twice before hiding/putting anything in that compartment. Small objects might slip or slide through the cracks and openings and you might not be able to retrive them (ever!). Or in the best case scenario, retrieval could be a quite difficult task.

Another Hidden Compartment in Jeep Renegade

BONUS TIP: There is one more secret compartment, that can usually be found on Renegade Trailhawk and Renegade Limited (mostly on Euro models).

Renegade Limited hidden compartment for first aid kit

Europe model's passenger seat flips up, and voila - there's a first aid kit packed under.
So if you did't know you have one - It's right underneath your seat!

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Jeep renegade hidden first aid compartment

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