Cruise Control Not Working 2008 Silverado [Easy fix]

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Today we will answer the question - Why is my Silverado cruise control not working?

Several things can cause cruise control not working on 2008 Silverado, 2009 Silverado LTZ, and 2007 Silverado 4x4 5.3 automatic. 

Sometimes this is a permanent problem, but it is an intermediate cruise issue in most cases, which makes it even more annoying. It works for a few miles (or even a few hundred miles) and then suddenly disengage and stop working at all.

Many people do their own research and conclude it to be the problem with the cruise switch on the steering wheel. However, the truth is this is very rarely the case.

So let's dive right in.

Cruise Control Not Working 2008 Silverado

I replaced the faulty switch on the brake pedal and it solved the cruise control problem

A faulty brake light switch can cause the cruise control to think the brake pedal is activated.

So as a first step, let's diagnose to see if this applies to your case:

  • Does the cruise control disengage when you hit a bump in the road or tap the side of the brake pedal?
  • When the problem occurs, press on the set button again, and at the same time kick the brake pedal a couple of times to see if the cruise ctrl will engage again? It should start to work if you tap the brake several times while tapping the set cruise button.
  • Also, you can try to put your toe under the brake pedal and lift slightly to see if your cruise control will stay engaged?
  • The brake lights do not come on until the brake pedal is nearly all the way down?

If the answer is yes to all or most questions listed, you probably need to take a deeper look into the brake light sensor switch connected with the brake pedal.

The switch can easily get some dirt in it, and the problem occurs because it does not fully release.

The best thing would be to pull the old switch apart and check if the cruise side contacts are fused together? If that is the case, then the brake switch deactivation was always on - causing the cruise control to disengage.

If the contacts are not fused but only dirty, then you can easily restore the cruise control function. All you need to do is remove the brake light sensor switch, clean the contacts with an electrical cleaner, and then reassemble.

For those lucky enough, a few simple kicks at the brake pedal and letting it fly back up clears up the sticky switch, and the cruise will work again for some time. 

If the switch is clearly damaged, worn out, too dirty, or beyond repair, I guess it's time to change out that switch. Depending on the vehicle model and year, the part numbers can be A/C Delco# D1586H, GM# 15861245, GM Part #25981009, or AC Delco part # D1539J.

You can order it online or pick up the brake light switch at the local parts store for $18 or 20 bucks max.

Before ordering the part, please research thoroughly the exact part number that would be compatible with your car make, model, and year. 

Once you got a spare part, it is a very simple fix - all you need is a 10mm wrench and a small screwdriver to pry the clip apart. So I suggest that you skip the dealership and go DIY if your cruise is out!

Remove the 10mm bolt and the clip. The clip is tricky because it slides up in order to remove it. Unplug the switch, remove it, and replace it in the opposite order. It takes about 5-10 minutes of actual work time to replace it and finally have the cruise control fixed.

It will help if you have a headlamp to give a little extra light without holding a flashlight in your teeth.

The hardest thing here is bending to get under the steering wheel, but it is definitely an easy fix.

I replaced the switch on the brake pedal and the cruise control still doesn't work.

If this is your case, then there are only a few things left to check and try before going to the dealership.

  • Check for a blown fuse or burned-out brake light. If the brake lights are fine, check the trailer brakes (if you have one).
  • Rusty tail light sockets could cause it as well.
  • The vehicle speed sensor can stop the cruise from working, so check this one as well.
  • The brake pedal switch is also a sensor and not just an on/off switch, so it needs to be calibrated and adjusted in some cases. How to do it: Replace the brake switch first, then adjust it properly. Once you get it installed, press the brake pedal down and pull the small lever on the bottom edge of the switch all the way back. Release the pedal, and you're done.
  • The cruise control switch can be faulty as well. To be sure, check the wires at the end of the harness as they can be broken somewhere in the middle due to the tilting action of the column over the past years.
  • No codes are coming up? Reread the fault codes from the car ECU to see if they are throwing the code P0573 Brake Switch Circuit "A" High.

Where is the cruise control fuse on a 2008 Chevy Silverado?

Usually, there are no fuses labeled for the cruise in the fusebox. However, on some versions of Silverado you could find it under the hood, fuse box number 43 - fuse Misc/IGN. Check if the fuse appears good or not. Do check out for other faulty fuses and replace them if found.

The same answer is also valid for "Where is the cruise control fuse on a 2007 - 2009 Chevy Silverado?"