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Quick Fix: SIM Not Provisioned MM2 [Update 2019]

Today you’re going to learn how to fix the SIM not provisioned error. Believe it or not, in most cases you can easily solve the problem by yourself.

Let’s dive right in.

When Sim not provisioned mm#2 message is shown on display, your cellphone allows emergency calls only. You won’t be able to send a text or dial anyone except for 911 as long as the phone shows available network signal strength.

However, you should be able to use your smartphone or tablet without any problem for messaging and WiFi calls using applications like Viber, WhatsApp or Signal.

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Main Reasons for SIM Not Provisioned mm#2 Error

  • If you have transferred the number to a new sim card;
  • If you got a brand new cell phone with a new sim card;
  • Service provider authorization system is temporarily unavailable;
  • You may be outside your carrier coverage area with no active roaming agreement.

how to solve sim not provisioned

Basically, the most common reason for sim not provisioned mm#2 issue is because your sim card is not activated or is suspended by the service provider or simply isn’t picked up by the smartphone.

In fact, if you just bought a new sim card then you are likely to see this error because you might have to activate your sim according to instructions provided by the mobile operator.

If your sim card is not brand new and was working fine until now and then suddenly started giving this error, it could be one of those options:

  • Your sim card is dead (if it is too old) - you need to replace it;
  • Sim card does not have proper contact with smartphone pins - you need to clean then reinsert it;
  • Sim card was deactivated by your service provider because you transferred the number to a new sim card.

There can be many other cases but the most common reason is your sim card being inactive. Have in mind that your service providers are the only one that can deactivate or activate the sim card. So this is not something that you can do without their assistance.

How to Fix SIM Not Provisioned mm#2 Issue

I will explain in detail how I solved this SIM card not provisioned problem on my Samsung and iPhone, step by step.

Let’s dive right in.

how to reinsert sim card on iphone

Method 1: Properly Insert and Connect Sim Card

Sometimes the issue might not be with your carrier but with the phone or sim card itself. Even if you haven’t opened the phone or touched the sim card recently, it might happen that it moved a little bit and has poor contact with the phone circuits.

To make sure your SIM card is inserted properly and that it has good contact, try the following steps:

  1. Turn off your phone or tablet;
  2. Open the SIM lid or the back cover, depending on the model of your device. Every smartphone opens differently so please double check the manual if you have not done it before;
  3. Locate the SIM lid or SIM holder. For some devices you need to first remove the battery in order to reach the sim holder;
  4. Remove SIM card from the phone and use a soft rubber pencil eraser to clean the gold SIM card contacts. Then use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any eraser residue, oils or dust;
  5. Put your SIM back in. Make sure it’s properly and fully inserted. Reassemble the device and turn it back on.

After a device is turned back on, check if the problem with SIM not provisioned is solved.

Method 2: Contacting the Carrier / Service Provider

In case if all the above-mentioned steps fail to solve this Sim not provisioned mm#2 problem, the only solution left is to contact the service provider’s customer support. They will either:

  • Activate the sim card if there isn’t any problem; or
  • Give you a new sim card in case they conclude that the existing one is faulty.

Let me know in the comments below what worked for you?